Green Terra Homes

It’s better to build with Green Terra Homes (GTH)

Green Terra Homes builds energy efficient modular prefab homes, bunkies, sheds, barns, stables, garages, cabin kits

The benefits of building with Green Terra Homes (GTH) abound. Our mission is to make it easier for families to build the home of their dreams—from how GTH homes are built, to the materials used in construction to the support team at your side—we have converted the home building process to make it more convenient, simple and fun.

When it came to building homes that were healthier for families and had a smaller environmental impact, GTH knew that prefab homes were the best solution. GTH elevates the prefab building experience by making sure our homes are precision-built at every step in the process.

Streamlined process
Thanks to the application of technology to every building process, all at a fixed and transparent price, applying technology and design to ensure that each home is built to its maximum potential.

Our architects and design team then further custom fit your home to your property, and then our technology comes to life as your home in built using state-of-the-art machinery and craftsmanship in our factory. It is then shipped and assembled and completed on-site in a matter of weeks.

GTH offers contractor services for customers who value working with one company throughout the home building process.

Better for the environment
Whether it’s your primary reason for building with Green Terra Homes or a nice benefit, your GT home is built to be better for the environment. Our reduced time on site cuts back on wasted materials as the homes ship 95% complete and excess parts are recycled in the factory.

GTH designers select all finishes, fittings, appliances and systems for their leading environmental performance—many of which are recycled materials—resulting in healthy and beautiful living spaces and high indoor air quality.

We design our homes in a way that creates a healthier living environment for you and your family and that reduces electricity use through an energy-efficient building envelope and efficient lighting and appliances throughout the home.


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