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custom steel frame modular homes by CSA certified factory, we manufacture QAI approved prefab homes, CWB A660 steel buildings, metal buildings, Z240MH mobile homes, Z241 park model homes, Z240RV tiny homes

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DIY Steel Home Panelized Framing Kits

Choose any of our homes in panelized knock down format or as a shell home format and complete the home yourself. All orders include engineered stamped plans for your state/province.

DIY Panelized & sheathed home framing kit – from $20psf (USD)

  • Panelized exterior wall frames sheathed with OSB.  
  • Roof trusses or roof rafter/panel system ready for assembly onsite.
  • Kit includes all exterior structural walls, interior walls, roof trusses (or rafters)
  • Shipped as 8'-10' wide sections with OSB sheathing on all exterior wall panels with window & door opening cut out or left sheathed and ready for your assembly onsite. 
  • Add exterior ISO foam board insulation (R5 1" ) on top of all exterior walls and roofing, sealed with tape.

DIY (do it yourself) prefab home steel panelized framing kits include :

  • Stamped engineered home plans.
  • Foundation plans (slab foundation standard, other options available).
  • All structural exterior wall panels sheathed with OSB.
  • All window and door headers / lintels are pre-framed ready for your windows and doors.
  • All interior wall panels.
  • Roof trusses (or rafter where applicable).
  • Steel roofing.
  • Roof and wall strapping bracing.
  • Screws, brackets.
  • All exterior wall panels are shipped with 5/8" OSB standard (other sheathing options available)

All panelized framing kits are CSA CWB A660 and ready for shipment to your site for assembly of wall panels and roof trusses for placement onto your foundation. 

Our prefab homes panelized framing kits are designed and engineered in compliance with all national codes. The all steel framing provides true "Green" construction framing and is 100% recyclable. Steel framing is non-combustible; non-toxic and allergy free; and is termite, insect and rodent resistant. Enjoy the safety and environmental friendly advantages that models from the Classic series have to offer.

Kits are bundled in groups of numbered wall sections that correspond to wall section numbers on your engineered stamped plans.  All trusses are numbered to correspond to roofing plan provided.

Each section is numbered to a correspond to the stamped engineered master plan that is included with each panelized prefab home kit.  

A typical 25'x40' home for example may consist of parts needed to assemble 10' wide x 8.5' tall wall sections.

Typical panelized kit requires one 45' -53' truckload consisting of approximately:

  • 14 external 5.5"Dx8.5'Hx10'W panels
  • 17 internal 3.5"Dx8.5'Hx10'W panels
  • 22 roof trusses
  • Misc parts, screws, strapping, etc

What is included in panelized framing kits.

All steel homes are also available as:

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