Order sequence for a GTH Building System Kit.

  1. After determining which building you may be interested in purchasing, call or email us for a free copy of the Architectural Plans for that model. We also have an Excel take off sheet for each model , detailing complete budget quantities for finish out materials and labor. You just add your material costs. Both will be emailed to you free on request.
  2. Is a permit required to build your project?
    1. Generally building 200 square feet or less, used for storage are permit exempt.
    2. In some areas farm building are permit exempt, depending on how the building is used.
    3. A printed copy of the Architectural plans should be taken to your local building official for the final determination.
  3. If no permit is required you may order your building by phone or email. We will need the following information:
    1. Purchasers name and address
    2. Owners name and address if the final owner is not the purchaser.
    3. The address of the project and the shipping address if it is not the project address.
    4. The model number of the building you wish to purchase.
    5. Wall color if you are purchasing a “Roofing, Siding, and Trim” Kit.
    6. A signature on our order form indicating acceptance of the terms of the purchase.
    7. Payment terms are 60% with the order and the balance prior to shipment.
  4. If a permit is required for your project.
    1. Download the free set of plans from our site and visit your local building department to ensure the home/structure you want to build is permitted on your lot.  Once you are certain you can build your home or structure we recommend you meet with us at our factory to finalize your order and place your order for one of our existing plans or for a custom build.