Shipping is FREE within Continental North America for Steel Framing Kits:

if delivery location is within 25mi (40km) of a Home Depot Building Center (this is for standard sizes, custom designs may incur fees). Anything outside that radius will incur additional shipping charges.

Tariffs and Taxes if applicable not included.

However, please note that offloading is not included as part of shipping and that receiver should be ready to unload.


Shipping Cost Estimate for modular homes, mobile homes & RV/Tiny homes or panelized kits 

modular home shipping

prefab house shipping

Typical Delivery Charges and Time Estimates
Excluding permits, Ferry, Tolls
(estimates only, actual charges as shown on sales agreement)

Panelized Kit – RV – Mobile Home – Park Model – Modular

  • Up to 10′ wide 45′ long $ 800 per day per Trailer/Module
  • 10′.01 – 14′ wide and up to 55′ long $1400 per day per Trailer/Module (includes one escort vehicle)
  • 14′.01 – 16′ wide and up to 76′ long $1800 per day per Trailer/Module (includes two escort vehicles)